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Story time:

THREE SEEDS is a family shop where all the members have put their creative minds together to craft beautiful laser engraved home accents and unique gifts. Our workshop is always pumping out inspiring items that could be the perfect gift for your home or for that special someone you love.


The first handmade piece we created was a gift for the youngest member of the clan, this little girl needed a stool to be able to reach the top pantry shelf where the “best snacks” lived (AKA treats).  Abuelo (which means “grandpa” in Spanish) came up with the brilliant idea to make this stool a VERY SPECIAL ONE. We put together materials, measurements and love to create our “pet stool” where we custom engraved our furry buddy’s face on the top. This was a big hit, our little girl can reach the treats, she has a forever picture of her best friend and just like that… THREE SEEDS SHOP was born!

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